Yaro, our beloved stewart from before


An important person in my life and many thoughts about how I would ever find him and if I did, would he be alive.

Today we were at Ghacem, got a great tour around the Tema Plant and saw the development and also increased production rate. I had also talked to Kwesi Dickson, the Works Manager of today, about my search for Yaro. Kwesi did all he could to help me with this and he also knew about Yaro as Yaro worked at Ghacems cantina till his retirement.

After the tour around the area, we went to Kwesi´s office and who was standing below looking up wondering who had been asking for him and also picked him up with the Ghacem driver. It was Yaro and I started crying, my extra dad, friend and care-taker still alive and looking wonderful.

Kwesi had really helped me and worked his butt out to find Yaro, thank you so much Kwesi, it was really magical, magical. Afterwards Kwesi sent Karl-Axel, Yaro and myself for a trip back to Yaro´s house where we met his wife who bursted out CARINA and I cried some more. After that we decided to go back and meet them at Yaro´s house on Sunday afternoon and they also want to see my siblings so a Skype session is planned for the same afternoon and my mom has to attend it as well.

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5 Responses to Yaro, our beloved stewart from before

  1. Marieke says:

    So happy for you Carina!!one of these rare moments,making life so wunderfull.

    • Carina says:

      Thanks Marieke, this was the most important moment that happened during this trip and so wonderful. It still makes me feel so warm.

  2. joseph yaro luah says:

    hello Carina you are welcome to Ghana.

    • Carina says:

      Hi Joseph, thank you and so wonderful to see you, your parents and the rest of your family. I never believed this would ever happen. A dream come true that this happened. Send my love to Yaro and auntie Mary and the rest of the family from us here in Sweden.

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